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Design, building, operation, maitenance, consulting, SIP-trunking, security, cloud services


Cyber Security

Infrastructure analysis, optimization and active protection.

DDoS protection

Protection at the transport and application level. Fast migration.


Extra high quality voice routes for succsessfull calls termination. Unlimited capacity.


Full range of services from design and building to optimization

Cloud Services

CDN, VPS/VDS, file and object storages in Asia, LATAM and Europe.

Let us help you to improve your call center

Working with us you will get a professional team to help you:

Working with us you will get a professional team which helps to:

  • design and build a contact center;
  • optimize business processes;
  • provide high quality SIP-trunking for calls;
  • perform security audit;
  • guaranted 365/24/7 support.

Points of presence in Asia

  • Own
  • Only own
  • Lightning-fast

Benefits of using our DDoS protection:

To protect customers from DDoS attacks, we use a comprehensive solution that allows you to filter traffic without loss of speed and detect different types of attacks (eg, SYN flood, Smurf attacks, protocol stack attacks and many others).

  • Intelligent filtering
  • Individual approach to every project
  • Traffic is analyzed for attacks 24/7
  • Channel capacity up to 200 Gbps


Professional product for call centers and business with high call volume.

We are using Local termination for most popular destinations. Calls are routed via local nodes directly, without international intermediaries. It allow passing calls with local ANI.

  • Call stability
  • Personal account
  • Lightning-fast
  • Quick connection
  • Secure and safe
  • Fault-tolerance
  • No additional services
  • Exclusive DID numbers are available

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